Build activity packages

The build system of TFS 2010 is based on WF. In the community there are several projects that have custom activities included. This page lists the providers of those activities. If you think I missed one, please let me know.

Project Description

The Community TFS Build Extensions site provides a place for build engineers to share workflow activities, build process template files, and tools for TFS Build 2010.

AIT Build Suite

In many of our customer project, the migration and optimization of build processes makes a significant fraction of work. With our new Build Suite 2010, complex build processes can be easily configured and implemented on the basis of Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. We’ve included activities for generating change lists, versioning .NET assemblies, automatic code documentation with Sandcastle and better integration of existing build script (e.g. from Team Foundation Build 2008). These activities are used to extend the default build process as delivered with Team Foundation Build 2010.

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