Unable to start the build controller

by Ewald Hofman 29. August 2010 05:22
I had an issue with my build controller that it would start. Finally I was able to resolve the issue. First the context. I wanted to start the build under a Build Service account, so I created a new user in AD. Then I went to the TFS Administration Console and clicked on the Build Configuration. In... [More]


Team Build | VS 2010

Create custom work item control for TFS Web Access 2010 (TWA)

by Ewald Hofman 10. August 2010 05:06
For the customization of the work item controls for the client are many examples. There is even a codeplex project that hosts some examples. However if you want to provide a custom work item control for Web Access, it turns out that there is only little information. In this post I will describe what... [More]


Work items | VSTS 2010 | TSWA

How to use WCF to subscribe to the TFS 2010 Event Service [rolling up hours]

by Ewald Hofman 2. August 2010 06:43
There is a lot of information on the web around the TFS Event Service, but that is mainly around ASMX and TFS 2008. I am using Visual Studio 2010, TFS 2010 and WCF. To be able to subscribe to the created event, the easiest is to have a local instance of TFS 2010 running on your machine. The purpose... [More]


TFS SDK | VSTS 2010 | Work items

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