Refresh the TFS Warehouse manually

by Ewald Hofman 25. November 2009 08:18
Reporting (SSRS and Excel) in TFS makes use of Sql Server Analysis Server, or OLAP cube. This cube is by default refreshed every two hours. This is in most cases frequently enough to get the correct information. You can however change this default behaviour. You can either change the interval of the... [More]


Reporting | VSTS 2010

TFS Sidekicks minor release update (2.4)

by Ewald Hofman 15. November 2009 08:39
When you are an administrator of a TFS environment, TFS Sidekicks helps you out a lot. Of course you can get all information with the command line tools, but I want to use the useful storage in my head for other things than remembering command line arguments. Features that are included in TFS Sidek... [More]


VSTS 2008

Allow in TFS 2010 Team Query contributions by non-Project Administrators

by Ewald Hofman 13. November 2009 05:34
Team Queries are a great way to share queries over the team. In TFS 2008 you had to have the role of a Project Administrator to create Team Queries. Since Project Administrators can do much more, such as the adding and removing users to the team project and change the Team Project settings, you do n... [More]


VSTS 2010 | Work items

Great news for the Teamprise users

by Ewald Hofman 9. November 2009 05:23
Microsoft has announced today at TechEd that it acquired TeamPrise Client Suite. The best known component of this suite is the Eclipse plug-in that allows Java users to integrate with TFS. This is just release by Brian Harry: [More]


VSTS 2010

Lap around TFS 2010 on DotNed on November 26th

by Ewald Hofman 9. November 2009 05:16
I am very excited to show the latest and greatest that is available in TFS 2010. Hassan Fadili from the VSTS track in the DotNed community user group and MVP Team System has asked me to do together with him a presentation on this topic. Most of the new things in TFS 2010 will be shown: Administr... [More]


VSTS 2010

Import test cases from Excel

by Ewald Hofman 6. November 2009 13:28
On of the pillars of TFS 2010 is the “No More No Repro”. This statement is based on the exceptional tooling to improve the communication and information hand-over between the developer and the tester. The tooling that is used is the IntelliTrace (aka Historical Debugging) and the Test Ce... [More]


VSTS 2010 | Work items | Test Essentials

Modifying Work Item Types in TFS 2010

by Ewald Hofman 6. November 2009 04:56
In TFS 2008 there is the process template editor to change the work items, or you were able to use the WitImport and WitExport for command line. In TFS 2010 the process template editor is not arrived yet, so you are stuck with the command line tools, but where are the WitImport and WitExport? In TF... [More]


TFS 2008 API - Create a link between work items

by Ewald Hofman 3. November 2009 11:33
With the new version of TFS on the horizon, which supports hierarchical links out of the box with a cool user interface to quickly create a nice work breakdown, many of us are still stuck to TFS 2008 (which of course has many great features :) ). This post shows you how you can create the links by m... [More]


VSTS 2008 | Work items

License costs of Team Foundation Server 2010

by Ewald Hofman 2. November 2009 13:05
In the 2008 era, the adoption of TFS was blocked because of the costs that small teams had to make to buy Team Foundation Server. You had two options: 1) the Workgroup Edition 2) the Full Edition The work group edition was included in a MSDN subscription and supported up to 5 users. So for small... [More]


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