Get influence on the Visual Studio 2010 product

by Ewald Hofman 30. October 2009 00:09
  As you all know, the Beta 2 has arrived. Because the product is still in a beta phase, Microsoft is looking for feedback from you: the end-user. You have the chance to make the product better! You can find the survey at [More]


VS & TFS 2010 Beta 2 has arrived

by Ewald Hofman 19. October 2009 12:09
Finally, Microsoft has released today the beta 2 for MSDN subscribers today. With the release of this beta 2, Microsoft has also announced a new SKU model. In Visual Studio 2008, the following model was valid, which consisted of four SKU's. The branding of Visual Studio had terms of ... [More]


VSTS 2010

Calculate Code Metrics automatically for all your applications and see the trend

by Ewald Hofman 7. October 2009 04:32
In Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft has added the code metrics, which gives you information about the quality and maintainability of the application. Unfortunately you can not easily start the code metrics automically, and you can not integrate it from Team Build. There is NDepend, which has the abili... [More]


Reporting | VSTS 2008

TFS 2010 Beta 2 has a Go Live license

by Ewald Hofman 5. October 2009 06:16
TFS 2010 beta 2 will arrive very soon. This version is very stable, and Microsoft is very confident so it is giving a Go Live license to all customers. You can find more details on the blog of Brian Keller. The blog says: "But the best news is that beta 2 of Team Foundation Server 2010 will ha... [More]


VSTS 2010

[Update] Time sheet

by Ewald Hofman 4. October 2009 01:08
A lot of software shops want to use TFS as the time tracking tool. Out of the box, TFS does not provide this information, because all time is entered cumulative per work item. But you can find the information when you look at the transaction database table where all the changes to the work items are... [More]


Reporting | VSTS 2008 | Work items

lean TFS for SourceSafe users

by Ewald Hofman 2. October 2009 05:59
Microsoft has announced ( that there will be a TFS 2010 basic installation. This version will support the Version Control, Work items, and Team Build. It is meant to be a replacement for all the companies and hob... [More]


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